The Day After the Night Before

Is it over? I don’t know how long I can survive. The gifts, food, family, fun, arrangements, hugs, kisses, handshakes, decorations, lights, marshmallows, hot chocolate, snacks, parties, TV, movies, music, and in some cases, dancing. It’s not over yet. The day after is PJ day in our home and there’s still New Year’s Day to look forward to.

Not our family.

Not our family.

Freedom Friday is the day I talk about anything that pops into my head. Today let’s talk about the day after the night before.

This is no joke. It’s PJ day here at Casa Flacco, and like past years, the day will go something like this: We’ll wake up at an ungodly hour, have a late breakfast filled with sugary treats for the kids and carbs for the rest of us. Around mid-afternoon we’ll probably start lunch—still in our PJs, then move on to laze about around the fire reading, playing games and reminisce about the night before where we spent the holidays with my parents.

Family time for our family is a big deal. During this time of year, we spend an inordinate amount of hours together with the added benefit of not getting on each other’s nerves. I slipped in that last part because getting along is something we do well. Actually, let me correct that. A fight is a fight, but the next day is a new day and we typically forgive and forget quickly. So, yeah, I’d say getting along is one of our strengths.

The game of Risk

The game of Risk

Previous years, we played games as the evening wore on. The whole event consists of a board game, bowls of snacks and tons of drinks to keep us occupied round after round of competitive play. Before the kids came along, my wife and I used to do the same thing only with another couple. We’d play Risk until the wee hours of the night stuffing our faces with food while orchestrating a virtual takeover of The Americas. Those were the days. What am I saying? These are the days.

The other good thing about this day has to be the sleep. I’d mentioned how we all wake up late into the morning. That’s not fiction. You see, one of the things we do the night before is wear the new PJs we purchased for this occasion. We do this every year. We get new PJs for all of us, and we then have a reason to sleep in. I don’t know what it is, but new PJs is like a sedative on the body. So comfortable. So relaxing. It’s too bad it only happens once a year. I could sure do this more often. Then again, how many times do we have the opportunity to do that? Okay, I’ll stop self-analyzing.

Now you know a bit more about my family. In some respect, we’re weird—but not as weird as any other family steeped in tradition. We’re just regular folk.

I hope you also have fun today.


How are your holidays so far? Do you do anything special during this time of year? Movies anyone?

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  1. sonea scissorhands

     /  December 30, 2014

    It seems the pj buying has become some what of a christmas tradition for many people 🙂 since I have heard many people doing this too, were they all mathching ones?

    As I have started in my blog I’ve been away for a month or so though it seems forever, but id like to say since following your blog, I’ve enjoyed every read and it’s a great thing you have going on. I wish you the best joyous times in 2015 with your family and life itself.

    Happy New Year Jack!

    • My goodness, Sonea, thank you so much for all the kind words! And no, all our PJs are not matching ones, although that would be a cool idea nonetheless!

  2. Awesome that you have family time – and time in the PJs is great too!

  3. The under picture caption “not our family” really hit my funny meter, I can’t explain why. Hope you guys had a great jammy day!

  4. Family time is the best part of Christmas. Lounging around in your pajamas with the kids all day – nothing beats that!

  5. Someone actually gave me new PJs as a gift this year. I haven’t worn them yet though.
    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  6. I worked on Christmas Day. The reason I was the only one who could operate Island, a ride in Legoland, who was not involved with a Christmas get together. Being Jewish it was my privilege to let someone celebrate the birth of Christ.

  7. zathra

     /  December 26, 2014

    We had a late brunch / early Christmas dinner, ( ” Brinner ” ? ) followed by watching parts of ” Elf ” & ” A Christmas Story “, & I suspect I might see my folks next after January 2015.

    • I must say, I have yet to watch A Christmas Story. It’s been on my list forever. Love Elf, though.

      • zathra

         /  December 28, 2014

        ” Elf ” is really funny, ” A Christmas Story ” is relatable only if you were a kid during the Depression or heard stories about via your parents or grandparents.
        I laugh at the ” angry elf ” scene w / Peter Dinklage, then feel guilty about my political incorrectness after.

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