Known as the T-X, assassin, ultimate fighting machine, she’s virtually indestructible. Appearing in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, this antagonist is one of the very few villains who can take a hit from the original T-800 terminator. I’m proud to feature her in today’s Women Who Wow Wednesday series post.

Terminatrix by ~wickedv6 on deviantART
Terminatrix by ~wickedv6 on deviantART

Based in part on the design of the T-800’s endoskeleton and the T-1000’s liquid metal composition, the T-X is an improved version endoskeleton with a mimetic polyalloy coating. It can shift in appearance depending on what it touches. It features an onboard plasma reactor that powers its components and circuitry.

What makes the T-X so special above the other terminators is her ability to express a limited range of emotions. When gaining the upper hand, she gives a slight smile. When angered or frustrated, she growls. When in fear, she responds with horror in her face.

Like every other terminator before her, she keeps coming after her target until they’re dead. She doesn’t get tired, doesn’t give up, doesn’t know pain, and above all else she will not simply die. If anyone needed an example of a goal-oriented person, she would be the one. Her tenacity and strong conviction to complete her mission is an example of dedication.


What is her mission? Sent to the past she is to destroy the future. Armed with a list of twenty-two human targets, a dozen classified with a priority status, the T-X had reduced the list by four before she encounters her primary target: John Connor. From this point forward, she dedicates every single ounce of energy to the termination of the future leader of the resistance.

How strong and durable is TX? During a pivotal scene involving a very large crane and fire truck, she gives chase to John. The new and improved T-850 manages to wrestle control of the vehicle. Let’s just say a woman trapped in a crane crashing at a hundred miles an hour would not bode well on the makeup. She walks away without a scratch.

How tenacious is she? When T-X lures John’s friend Kate Brewster to a cemetery, prepares to kill her as a priority target, the T-850 pulls up in a hearse, and launches a rocket assault on her. The rocket’s inertia propels her to a large tombstone where the impact destroys everything around her. Does this faze her in any way? Of course not. She launches her own assault on the hearse, chasing it, matching its speed from the top of a hill until she takes a running dive for its roof. She then attempts to cut the roof with her ready-made buzz saw hand while the car swerves back and forth on a road filled with oncoming traffic. Determined to terminate her targets, she tears the roof and a hail of M-16 bullets greets her arrival.

The T-X is the perfect killing machine. Her attitude to accomplish goals at any expense should provide inspiration to anyone who attempts the impossible. Yes, she is a villain. Yes, she is a terminator. But how incredible would she be if like the T-800, someone had reprogrammed her CPU for good instead of evil?


Have you seen Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines? What did you think of the T-X?


13 thoughts on “Terminatrix

  1. Haven’t seen that one. She reminds me of the woman in Wreck it Ralph who would make a good WWW Wednesday.

    • I saw this movie recently and it’s fresh in my mind. Are we talking about Vanellope the glitch? If we are, she would definitely be an awesome addition to WWW Wednesday!

      • I didn’t mean the glitch but you’re right she would be awesome. I meant the gun-wielding blonde with attitude.

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